About the guide

Guide Against Greenwashing is not just a guide, but a community

Greenwashing is a form of misleading marketing orcommunication, where a product, service orcompany is presented as “better” in respect toclimate change, the environment or animal andhuman rights issues, without proper documentation to back this claim.

Sustainability and social responsibility are complex matters. It is easy to make mistakes when trying to communicate the content of your businesses efforts. However, these mistakes can mislead and frustrate consumers, and in turn create apathy towards the most important challenges of our time. This initiative seeks to be a practical guide to avoid greenwashing and thus help to accelerate the shift towards a sustainable economy.

The Guide Against Greenwashing was made in Norway by the organisations Skift - Climate Business Leaders, Zero, Future in our hands and WWF Norway.

The guide defines greenwashing as a term that applies the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In other words, greenwashing is not limited to environmental issues, but could also be related to topics like gender equality, poverty, hunger, health, education, decent work and so on.

The guide is not a set of laws, but rather a tool to help businesses avoid greenwashing. We encourage all businesses to sign, and do their best to adhere to the principles of the guide.

What does it mean to sign the principles?

Consider the principles

Are these relevant and useful for our business? Identify the greatest potential for improvement.

Sign the poster here. Feel free to communicate that your business wants to follow the principles and feel free to encourage customers and suppliers to do the same.

Implement the principles so that they suit your business. Where do we have the greatest potential for improvement? Set goals and make action plans.

Everyone who signs will be invited to digital gatherings, where the aim is to share experiences with routines to avoid greenwashing, and learn together how the 10 principles can be applied in their own businesses across various industries.

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